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Grey Street

There's an emptiness inside her, and she'd do anything to fill it in

Age: 31
Born in: Morgantown, West Virginia
Status: Divorced
Location: Myrtle Beach, SC
Occupation: Middle School Teacher (hence the lack of specifics)
Pet: My cat, Max, age 5
Hobbies: Um... see interests :/
Description: 5 foot 9 inches, thin, brown hair, brown eyes, tanned, toned, small mole on left cheek, long lashes, full lips, long, LONG legs (over three feet long), in a nutshell, I look a lot like Cindy Crawford or Sandra Bullock
Purpose of Journal: To not go completely insane, gotta have my own little place in the world. To recover from self-destructive habits.
Favorite Quote: "Some people are simply alive because it is illegal to kill them."

Dave is eyebrow raising love

Mega-cred to didifoolya28 for the colorbar
#34, #36, #41, alcoholism, all along the watchtower, alto, alton brown, american eagle, angels and demons, anti-ana, anti-anorexia, anti-eating disorders, anti-mia, anxiety, apollo 13, baking, bartender, bay tanner, beck's dark, beer, before these crowded streets, black, bread, breast cancer, brownies, bulimia, cats, cavalier, cheese, chocolate, christ, cincinnati chili, clothes, coffee, cooking, corona, crash, crossword puzzles, crush, dan brown, dancing nancies, dave matthews, dave matthews band, davinci code, deception point, democrats, depression, diet coke, diet mountain dew, dmb, eating, eating disorder recovery, eating disorders, ed-nos, ednos, er, exercise bulimia, exercising, flowerbeds, flowers, fool to think, football, full and soft maybelline, gardening, german, getting drunk, god, golden girls, good eats, grace is gone, graduate school, graeter's, granny, grey street, growing flowers and plants, guinness, history, homer hickam, icons, jesus, kathryn wall, kittens, laundry, liberals, lie in our graves, lifting weights, loneliness, lowcountry, marriage, mascara, minarets, morgantown, mountaineers, my husband, new york and company, october sky, pepperoni rolls, planting, purging, reading, recovery, red, sam adams black lager, say goodbye, seasonal affective disorder, seek up, showchoir, singing, skyline, sleeping, social studies, south carolina, space race, starbucks, stay or leave, sugar free, tanning, tanning beds, teaching, the beach, the beatles, the gap, the keeper's son, the stone, tripping billies, two step, united methodist, warehouse, warsteiner, west virginia, west virginia university, what you are, when the world ends, white, writing, yardwork, yoga