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I have lost a known (I didn't weigh before I started restricting again) 14.8 pounds since September 25... and my best friend-- no one over the age of 18-- really has said a FUCKING word... If I can tell-- the EATING DISORDERED PERSON WITH THE FUN HOUSE MIRRORED EYES-- why haven't they!? Or are they just not saying anything?...
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Apple for breakfast.
Orange for lunch.
FiberOne bar for snack.
Once I was done teaching, I went to tutoring... then store and got sushi.
Really didn't want to purge again. Ate sushi. Purged. Ate rest of ice cream. Purged.

I am 31... why the fuck am I doing this again!?
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#41 with Lyrics


Did really well today, only ate about 275 calories today-- until I finished tutoring. Went to McDonald's, bought a meal and ice cream, ate, and purged until I thought my eyes would fall out.
#41 with Lyrics

At it again

I started a SlimQuick cleanse today, along with only eating an apple, an orange, a salad, and some chicken. Ran after school... Already feeling better.
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#41 with Lyrics


I am sliding. My sister attempted suicide this week. The guy I am involved with online (he is taking his sweet time wanting to meet me) still hasn't met me and is super hot, which I know from all the pictures I have seen... I have purged twice today. The last week or so I have been restricting. I plan on buying a scale soon... Oh boy.
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Just Me Honeymoon

Very triggered and worried

I haven't posted in like six months... I am very triggered and find myself eliminating things from my diet and working out a lot more. I was telling myself that I am training for a few races, but I think I'm using that as a rouse. I am single and I also want to 'look better' for the dating scene... I am really worried that I am slipping. I find myself counting again and wanting to work out several times a day...
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